About Us

Rehab Alandalus International Company for Food Industries


Rehab Al-Andalus factories is one of the leading factories in the production of olives and pickles in the Arab Republic of Egypt and Rehab Al-Andalus International Company holds many international ISO certificates in product quality and efficiency for export, Rehab Al-Andalus International Company produces huge quantities of green olives, brown and pickles of all kinds and forms to meet the needs of local and international markets since the establishment of this company.



To become a globally efficient organization that plays a key role in enhancing the competitiveness of the food sector in Egypt, and for Egyptian brands to have a distinguished position for their superior quality among consumers in Egypt and all over the world.



Rehab Al-Andalus International Company for Food Industries is committed to the development and development of Egyptian food and beverage manufacturing companies. It represents the interests of its members by negotiating with the Egyptian government regarding policies that will improve the business climate. Rehab Al-Andalus International Company for Food Industries works to create investment and export opportunities and is dedicated to enhancing the image of the Egyptian food industries in the local and international markets.