Rehab Al-Andalus International Food Industries Export Team


The International Olive Council, based in Madrid, Spain, says that Egypt ranked second in the world this year in the production of table olives after the countries of the European Union combined, just as in Egypt it occupies the lead among Arab countries in exporting olives to the countries of the world. A report of the International Council was recently received by Amin Abaza, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and Dr. Osama Khair El-Din, President of the General Union of Producers and Exporters of Crops Albassanah. Egypt produces about 11.4% of table olives, compared to 41.2% for the European Union countries combined, then Syria, which produces 8.7%. Then Morocco is in fourth place and produces 5.4% of the world average production, which is estimated at 1,000,714 tons of table olives. The report indicated that the European Union, which occupies the first place in exporting around the world olive oil exports about 49% of global production, followed by Turkey, Argentina and Egypt, which exports about 6.4% of global exports of olives. On the other hand, Rehab Al-Andalus Company International Food Industries has obtained ISO 9001/2008 0.22000 certificates for quality Egyptian olives. Rehab Al-Andalus International Company for Food Industries is one of the olive export companies. The company exports huge quantities of green and black olives and pickles throughout the year to international markets. A specialized work team provides technical support service to companies to provide them with important information regarding shipment timing and samples, and to facilitate the arrival of the product to importers in the shortest possible time and with high shipping quality.